Why join us?

Joining the Xelliss family as an independent distributor is the pleasure of improving the quality of life of those around you by sharing natural, effective products and a business opportunity that can help them achieve their dreams.

This unique experience allows you to make the difference benefiting from many advantages:


You work for yourself, at your own pace at your chosen time from home or from anywhere in the world. All this without taking any financial risk.

A support system

You receive training, tools and a support system adapted to each stage of your ambitions. Our experienced members and our services will follow you throughout your development.


Xelliss puts human values at the heart of its priorities. During meetings you are recognized and rewarded for your performance as well as your growth in the activity.

Bold income

Xelliss' compensation plan is one of the most beneficial in the direct selling field. You have access to several direct sales and team animation bonuses that will allow you to earn additional income, income, and many other rewards. Your income is proportional to the quality of your work.

Personal development

You discover new horizons and meet new people. The pleasure of working as a team in complete independence allows you to learn new skills and become the best version of yourself.

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Elles/ Ils témoignent

Les témoignages de nos distributrices, distributeurs, clientes et clients

Christel Biau
Distributrice Indépendante Xelliss

Maman ambitieuse, j'ai pu m'accomplir grâce à la société Xelliss qui m'a permis de devenir indépendante et libre de mes horaires.
Devenue mon activité à temps plein, je voyage et fais du sport tous les jours. Je profite au quotidien de mes enfants en travaillant du domicile