Meet the team

Eric Masson, Chairman

Chairman of the Xelliss Supervisory Board

The vision of a man

Ask Eric Masson why he chose to dedicate his time to Network Marketing, and without hesitation, he will reply: "You!", looking you straight in your eyes.

This is indeed what he has been doing for over 30 years, Eric has left his mark within the Network Marketing. As a distributor, he broke all records for speed and efficiency.

As a company founder in our field of activity, he has enabled others to generate the highest incomes in several countries.

Xelliss Brand Ambassador

Jean-Jacques Trochon

" Retired airline pilot, author, researcher and public speaker, I am helping to revolutionize the metabolic approach to good health. Intensive research has led me to integrate XELLISS’ state-of-the-art phycocyanin within an innovative wellness concept, in collaboration with some of the world’s leading scientists."

Xelliss worldwide

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