Xelliss, innovation at the service of your well-being

Xelliss offers a range of natural and innovative products in the fields of well-being, nutrition and cosmetics, based on spirulina.

Convinced of the advantages at our disposal by controlling a constant quality of spirulina throughout the year, we have developed cutting-edge technology to produce our own microalgae, with exceptional virtues for our cellular health.

Our goal is to create innovative product concepts to meet the specific nutritional needs of each of us. We distribute our products through direct sales and through our international network of partners.

Xelliss, Tomorrow nutrition


In this rapidly changing world, it is important to recognize now the trends that will make tomorrow's world a better place. Xelliss' mission is part of an emerging trend that will grow over the coming decades:

The absolute conviction that "prevention is better than cure"!

Social insurance systems are in chronic deficit, while more and more consumers are wondering about the repeated health scandals revealed by the media. It is becoming more and more obvious to everyone that it is time to imagine alternative solutions to take care of yourself on a daily basis.

Skilful combinations between ancestral natural solutions and new technologies for natural well-being open up new horizons to consumers.

These clever combinations are united in the Xelliss concept. Yes, there are natural solutions that allow you to LIVE BETTER, NATURALLY!

What if Xelliss is the solution you have been waiting for:

  • Take charge of your life!

  • Orient your professional career!

  • Secure your financial future!

Xelliss present in the sport field

The Sport Protect label

In its desire to offer premium quality products, Natura4Ever has chosen to have its flagship products NaturaBlue Sport, NaturaGreen Native and others labelled by "Sport-Protect". This label guarantees sportsmen and women safety of use within the context of their disciplines, irrespective of their levels.

The quality is therefore guaranteed - from the cultivation of A3Nat spirulina through to bottling for consumption by athletes - not to contain or have been in contact with substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Xelliss’ commitment and involvement in a humanitarian project to fight hunger and malnutrition in the world.

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Humanitarian commitment

Xelliss is a partner of the Nutripeople project.

Sensitive and concerned about nutritional needs, we have decided to get involved alongside the company Nutripeople in their humanitarian project. This consists in recovering fruits downgraded by mass distribution (not corresponding to the caliber of their specifications: weight, size, appearance ...) in order to transform them into compote, packaged in the form of gourds.

When a customer orders this product from their e-shop, another package is sent simultaneously to certain populations of African countries suffering from malnutrition. By adding our spirulina with many nutritional benefits, this compote will alleviate the health problems in this part of the world.

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